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Long Weekend

"I have an idea," Henry's mother said.Henry opened his eyes. Henry's father sat up. But Mudge kept on sleeping. 
Today, I read the book titled Long Weekend. There are Henry and a big dog called Mudge. The day is a weekend, but it was rainy. They had nothing to do and they felt bored. To see them, his mother said to make a castle because they had a big box and they can spent a rainy weekend. Henry and his father tried to make a castle, his mother waited it to finished. Please check a castle which they made.

This Week

In this week, I went back to my home in Saga. I went there last Golden Week, so it has been three weeks. I didn't go to somewhere, but I felt relaxed. My mother cooked many foods for me. It was a good week for me.



"Look!" Sid Says. "There's a woman with a baby in the water." They helped the baby.

Today, I read the book titled ICE AGE.There a sloth and a mammoth. They found a baby and they tried to find his dad. A sabre-toothed tiger saw them, and thought he wants to eat the baby. They became friends little by little, but the others tigers wants to eat the baby. Then, the tigers appeared in front of them. This story is simple, and it is interesting.

This Week

In this week, I went to bookstore. I read some old comic books which are the first book the writer did. And, I watched some short story. I laughed when I watched it.



It had been a hard trip, and a sad one. Mama died on the way. Now there were just the four of us-Daddy, Willie, Little Brother, and me.

Today, I read the book titled WAGON WHEELS. This book is based on a true story in 1878. There is a family with a father and three boys. They were moving to get a land to build their house. But one day, only a father moved to get a land and  he said three boys to stay here where they are living now. After some months, three boys got a letter which showed where he is now and come here from their father.
But, they had to move a hundred fifty miles all by themselves. Do you think only three children could move a hundred fifty miles? This is a good story which can feel a bond of the family.

This Week

In this week, I watched the movie with my friend on television. I watched on Friday night. I enjoyed it and after that, we talked for a long time.
And, I also go to see an electric fan because these days are hot.


The Big Test

「the big test」の画像検索結果Today, I read the book titled The Big Test.There are two men and they want to cheat on the exam. They entered the teacher's room and succeeded to see the question of the exam. And they exchanged the tomorrow’s test and the money with some people. But, the after the exam, they said the two men to back their money. Why is it? Please image and before you read it.

The Girl with Green Eye

I read the book titled The Girl with Green Eye.There are a man and a woman. A woman asked a man to take back her sketchbook from her father. A man got her sketchbook and returned it to her. But some days later, a man appeared in the newspaper and it is said that "He stole the work of art". Why did he appeared in the newspaper? Please check the next with your eye.


Trouble at Sea

「trouble at sea」の画像検索結果Today, I read the book titled Trouble at Sea.Five people went to sea, and they found the animals covered in black oil. After that, they found the men who is putting the oil at the sea. One of the five people took their pictures, but the men saw it and ran after them. What will be the five people? This book is a little long,this is an interesting book.

This Week

In this Golden Week, I watched the movie at the theater. I watched the movie after a long time. I enjoyed it.
And, I painted the wood deck in my parent's house. My family always paint the wood deck in the Golden Week, and I helped it.


I Spy

「I spy FRL」の画像検索結果Today, I read the book titled I Spy. A man is a spy and a woman is a client. They tried to change money and important documents. But a man found another woman who is wearing the same clothes . What will happen next?

The Happy Prince and The Nightingale and the Rose

“If you want a red rose,” says the Rose Tree, “you can make it out of music by moonlight, and paint it red with the blood from your own he...