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Gina and I talked a lot about money. Gina always smiled at me.(p.7)

There is a man who likes movies. One day, he met a woman , Gina, who also like movies. He went to dinner with her and thought that he wants to marry her, but they don't have enough money, They saw a movie titled Dead Money. This is a story that a woman kll her husband and get his much money and marry another man. He thought it is a good idea. He met a rich woman with no family, and he often went to her house. He tried to kill her as to an accident, but he missed. One day, she didn't come home for some day and he thought this is a good chance. He put her pen near the lake, and He made the situation that she died here. He got money from her woman and went back to Gina's home. But he tell this story in the prison. Why?


BR1-07 The Ghost of Genny Castle

cAunt Min didn't look at the castle. 'It-it'S not a nice place to visit,' she said.(p.5)

 Claire went to the house of her aunt, Min because her parents go to jobs. She saw a tall building when she is in the car. It was old castle, and she want to go. She asked aunt about castle, but she didn't answer. Also, she went to the shop and asked the bbok about the castle, but the answer is no.  After lunch, she started to go to the castle. She heard the voice ,and next, the stone fell down. She see something at the top of the tower. She could'nt move for a minute. She went back her home early. In aunt's house, she found an old book about the castle.



He put two photos in front of Munro. Two men. There are names on the

 Munro run after the two men, who are terrorists. He see them in the hotel with a woman. They go out from the hotel in the morning, so he go in the same way, and he see they are going to ride a plane with one child. The child's father is a scientists of nuclear, and terrorists want to get nuclear weapon by using child. Munro find the times, and he is going to take child. But, terrorists find Munro, and they took guns from the pocket. So…?

This book is so interesting, and I could read it in 20 minutes. If you have a little time, please try it.


BR1-05 Lost in New York

His parents could not come with him. His mother had to go into hospital. His father had to work/(P.1)

 Nicky had to go to New York because his parents didn't come. It was his first visit without parents. He was going to meet with Auut Carrie at the airport, but there was a man who are working with aunt. He came there because aunt had an accident in the morning. In the way to meeting aunt, man stopped and go to shopping, leave him in the street. Three boys look at Nicky and they took him to leave here and play. They tried to steal the food, but police came and they went leaving Nicky. Nicky is alone in the New york, there are no people know him.


BR1-04 Walk about

(Walk about に対する画像結果Then people began to talk about an accident, about a plane crash. There were no survivors.(p.1)

  In the way to Australia, one airplane had an accident. There are only two survivors, girl and her little brother. They are in the desert, and suddenly they have to live in the nature. They tried to walk to the city, but in the way, they meet one black boy. They can't communicate easily, but the boy help them with giving food and water. But, the boy catch a cold, and they don't have the way to recover.So they …?

 I felt afraid when i finished reading this story, because we may in the same situation in the trip. It is very interesting story, but it is also a sad story. If you
like a survival story, plese read it.



The villafe people liled Robin Fitzooth.  (p.3)

 Robin  Hood robbed rich people and gave the money to poor people. But evrybody knoes that he came from a rich family. He teach the swords and arrows to young people in the village. He often fight with some people, but he and them make friends after the fight. He also do many dangerous  adventures, and he like to tell somebody to this story.

 If you like the story of a man who is going to do things with justice, I recommend this book. This book concists of about 8,000 words, so I want you to read this book when you have much time. Other book of this series is also good.                              

The Happy Prince and The Nightingale and the Rose

“If you want a red rose,” says the Rose Tree, “you can make it out of music by moonlight, and paint it red with the blood from your own he...