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BR1-11 John Doe

He understands words, but he doesn't know who he is or where 
john doe cambridge に対する画像結果 he comes from?(p.6)

A man is in the hospital. He lost his memories at all because he found in the street. A doctor said many questions, but he don't remember anything. One of the nurse, Angela, said many questions, but he also don't remember anything. In the other scene, two people talked about an accident of dead woman. There are memos of dead woman, and there is a name of John Roberts. After some days, a man leave hospital. He was going to house which are connected with hospital. But, he doesn't go there. He go to the house of nurse.


BR1-10 Don't Stop Now!

People in the shoutes. Kate and I ran to the window.(p.7) 

Matt is working in the cafe. When he works, something from outside crashed the window. It was a block, and there is a small piece of paper near the window.In this paper, 'Don't stop now!'. One day, he and owner's daugher went outside to deliver pizza. There are many pizzas, but there is a secial pizza, and it is only.When she delivered other pizzas, he checked a secial pizza. In this, there are some machines.

In this story, there are many mysterious points. You will know the mystery's answer when you read.


BR1-09 The Big Picture

Work was bad. It was often bad in January, February, March.(p.5) 

Ken's job is take phptos, and he sells it for newspapers..One day,  he heard the news that one of the famous person is going to appear with his new girlfriend. Many people wants to take photos of them, and he followed them. He took rest in the coffee shop just a minute, but he saw them in front of the coffee shop. He took their photos and he felt happy. But by this picture, he almost died.
If you are interested in this story, please read this book.

The Happy Prince and The Nightingale and the Rose

“If you want a red rose,” says the Rose Tree, “you can make it out of music by moonlight, and paint it red with the blood from your own he...