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BR 1-15 Next Door to Love

「Next Door to Love」の画像検索結果But I didn't want to meet new men, and I didn't want a new boyfriend.(p.5)

One woman live in apartment. One day, a man came to her next room. She didn't to make friends with him. But, she heard his calling, and she talk to him. He has a wife and daughter, but they live another place from the apartment. He meet his daughter sometimes, and he like that time. But, his wife and daughter is going to move, far place from the apartment.

From this point, this looks like sad stories. But, the ending is very happy story. If you know the ending, please read this book.


"Diamonds are importamt for a number of countries in Africa."
Diamonds are very good things. It give people work, and help them get money. But, some people buys guns with diamonds. So, people call these diamonds "blood diamonds". There is a man who writes newspaper, Sheoherd. One day, he heard the news that businessman, whose name is Erik, may buys and sell guns and blood diamonds. He contacted him in the city as like he met before. He gave the number's of him, and he leaves quickly.

This is a very interesting story. If you want to read this , pleas go to the library.



Three tomorrows に対する画像結果All I get is spam, spam and more spam! It takes a long time to get spam off my computer too.(p.5)

This book is concicts of three stories. I will introduce the one of them.
One day, father gets many spam to his PC. It tries to him to buy something. He was deleted the important data with spam, so he always angry. But, one day, a program that blocked the spam is created, and it was free. Many people use the program and they are felt good. After that, new online shopping company appeared and people can buy many things on the internet. Father and mother use the internet shopping. They bought many things what they don't need, but people continued to buy.People feel it likes a spam.


BR1-12 Hotel Casanova

'Everything is good,' he thought. But on April,     
hotel casanova に対する画像結果 something changed his plans.(p.8)

 Dino was a reception of hotel. He had some plans to his future. But, his plan changed with one woman. Her name is Carla. She is a nice woman and he liked her. He contact her as a reception and they become friends. One day, she asked him to marry her. He don't accept this first because he wants to marry someone some years later. But, he accepted finally. He gets his hotel with her money. After some month, he want to go somewhere alone, but Carla didn't say yes. He becomes tired and that time, he meet a girl who was a worker of defended hotel. After some talking, he want to marry her. But he has a wife.

The Happy Prince and The Nightingale and the Rose

“If you want a red rose,” says the Rose Tree, “you can make it out of music by moonlight, and paint it red with the blood from your own he...