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Juan Bobo

"Juan Bobo!" Mama called. "Yes, Mama," said Juan Bobo.(P.6)   

This book is a story about Juan Bobo and his mother. His mother asked him to something do, but he always do wrong thing. There are some funny stories, so you can read quickly. The best story in this book is the first story. His mother asked him to bring water from the stream, and he go to the stream. When he go back to home, he said, "I think I am growing stronger because the water felt lighter as I walked." But he was…?


But there are parents who are not interested in their children  
 in any way, and these of course are much worse.(p.1)

Matilda was a very clever girl. But, her parents were so busy with their unimportant business and they don't know Matilda was clever. By the age of one and a half, she could speak perfectly. When she was become three, she could read newspapers. he want to read books, but her parents refuse it. One day, she was alone in the afternoon, so she went to the city library. She read many books by famous writer. She often said stupid girl by her father and one day, she decided to do something with their father. That is…?


Backstage Pass

Tomorrow, the Martins are going to play a concert in you city.(p.1)

 In his book, you go to the concert of most famous band in the world  with your friend. You get a good seat of this concert, and you and your friends are so excited. In my choices, part of the stage is on fire and everyone confused, but I lead everyone to exit and I said hero by everyone. There are many other ends in this book, so if you want to read this book, hoe about reading this book. I hope you enjoyed this book.


Forrest Gump

I was born an idiot-but I'm cleverer than people think.(p.1)  

 Forrest was an idiot. He  think he is clever, but he come out all wrong. First, he goes to ordinary school, but other children laugh and run away frm him. In next year, he was put into another kind of school. There are some students who has some disablity.  He stayed there for five or six years. When he is sixteen, he become taller and heavier. So, he asked to play American football in another high school. He also played American football in university, but one day, his mother received one letter. Please read this book if you want to know the next.


Immortal Empire

The Edinese are like your children. You want to help them 
grow into an immortal empire.(p.2)

In this book, readers are gods. People of books live in Edin, and readers tell the ways to survive and how to do next. Only your choices, the worlds becomes many different way. In my choices, I built many factories and made the world dirty. I thought that it like the real world. If you read this book, you maybe reach the other way. If you want to read this book, please go to the library.

The Happy Prince and The Nightingale and the Rose

“If you want a red rose,” says the Rose Tree, “you can make it out of music by moonlight, and paint it red with the blood from your own he...