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Zadie's Big Day

I can show Simon some tricks, too. 

Hey, Zadie, you're not wearing your helmet. 
Don't worry about me. Just watch. (p.24)       

  Zadie is at football club. She is a main person of her team, and her team decided to go to final game of tournament. One day,  she went to the park and saw a new person, Simon. He is good at skate, so she also show her skills of skating. One day, he said her prove which is better at skating. He set that day on the football's final game's  morning. On that day, he and she go to the park and start fighting. But on the competition…?           

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  1. Just watch.(p.24)
    Just watch. (p. 24)

    she go to the park and saw a new person
    she went to the park and saw a new person

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