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The Cave

"Let's go and look," says John. Is that a cave?" he asks.(p.4)  

 John and his friends are on their boats. Then, one of his friends find a cave. They think it interesting, so they go into the cave. It is very dark, but soon they can see. There are many interesting things, and they spend much times in the cave. For a while, one of them notice that the water comes in and they can't get out from the cave. So…?


Jane Eyre

My name is Jane Eyre and my story begins when I was ten.(p.7) 

 Jane Eyre was lived with her aunt, because her parents were both
dead. Her aunt was very rich and her house was large and beautuful.
But she was not happy there because there are three cousins and
they are not kind to her. One day, she became ill with feelings of
unhappy here. So, doctor and her aunt decided her to send her away
to school. She was pleasured to go to school, but the school was not
good school. Students all wore same thin brown dresses in the winter.
So, some students get sick and die. She graduated there in 18 and found
jobs as a teacher.         


The big test

Everybody is studying in the library for tomorrow's test. (p.3) 

 Everyone is studying hard because tomorrow is the test day. But, Steve and Ryan is not studying. They have a secret plan for the test. That is steal the data of the test in tomorrow. They let teacher go from his desk, and copy the data. They are smiling. But in the next day, they have in trouble with the test though they know the answer of the test. That is because…?


Sherlock Holmes and the mystery of Boscombe Pool

One morning, I was having breakfast with my wife when a telegram arrived.(p.7)

 Sherlock Homes is a very famous person. I also like his mystery. In this book, Watson received a telegram from Holmes. His message was that he wants Watson to ho to England if Watson can come with me. Watson has a lot of sick people to visit, but his wife said you should rest and go with Holmes. He don't  have much time for train, so he have to travel with few things.

Ghost in the guitar

Suddenly Tom smiled. I can't explain it, but it wasn't his usual nice

Katherine is a member of band. She and other mumbers are working, but they don't like jobs, and evryone thinks to be famous artist. One day, they win a competition called Battle of the Bands competition. Every year the winners made a CD at a local company, so they were very pleasured. In that time, Katherine broke the Tom's guitar. SO, Katherine and Tom went to buy a new guitar. They bought a very dirty, but it plays well and cheeap. But from this day, he changed.


Juan Bobo

"Juan Bobo!" Mama called. "Yes, Mama," said Juan Bobo.(P.6)   

This book is a story about Juan Bobo and his mother. His mother asked him to something do, but he always do wrong thing. There are some funny stories, so you can read quickly. The best story in this book is the first story. His mother asked him to bring water from the stream, and he go to the stream. When he go back to home, he said, "I think I am growing stronger because the water felt lighter as I walked." But he was…?


But there are parents who are not interested in their children
 in any way, and these of course are much worse.(p.1) 

Matilda was a very clever girl. But, her parents were so busy with their unimportant business and they don't know Matilda was clever. By the age of one and a half, she could speak perfectly. When she was become three, she could read newspapers. he want to read books, but her parents refuse it. One day, she was alone in the afternoon, so she went to the city library. She read many books by famous writer. She often said stupid girl by her father and one day, she decided to do something with their father. That is…?

The Cave

"Let's go and look," says John. Is that a cave?" he asks.(p.4)    John and his friends are on their boats. Then, one...