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The Happy Prince and The Nightingale and the Rose

“If you want a red rose,” says the Rose Tree, “you can make it out of music by moonlight, and paint it red with the blood from your own heart. Sing to me with your breast against a thorn. Sing to me all night long as the thorn pierces your heart and your blood flows into my branches.” (p.51)

 First, please explain the above sentence. This is a conversation Nightingale to Rose Tree. Nightingale, a bird try to make a red rose with the blood from her heart. This is the most shocking sentence in this book.
 This book is consists of two stories. I will introduce one of them, The nightingale and the Rose. There are young student and the Nightingale. Young student want to dance with daughter of the professor, but she said to bring red rose if you want to dance with me. He has no red rose in his garden, so the nightingale tried to search red rose, but there are no red rose around here. Then the Rose tree told the way to get red rose. It is~?


David and the Great Detective

David and red-haired boy are silent. David doesn't know what to say. Then suddenly he start speaking. (p.53)

First, please introduce the above sentence. this is my favorite part in this book. I think he act as if his ideal character. He is cool in this scene.
David's one day was bad. He was late for school, he go to the wrong class, he can't answer teacher's question and he got scolded by his teacher. On the way to his home, he see his friends, jack. When he find David, he said his bike was stolen.
So, they started searching his bike. He found the bike, but there is an old factory and some children are running by it. So David…?


Jack and the Beanstalk

Once upon a time a poor widow lived in a tiny cottage with her young son Jack. (p.1)

Jack and his mother are living with a cow. One day, their cow stopped giving milk. His mother told him to sell it and he went to a city. On a way to a city, he met a woman. She asked him to trade a cow with beans. She told him There are magic beans. He accepted it and went back to home. His mother threw the beans out of window. In the next morning, she found a great tall beanstalk. Jack climbed up and found a big house. It was…?


Jack and the Westbourne Fair

Jack's week started badly. 'Where's your homework?' asked Mr Fish on Monday morning. (p.11) 

Jack's week started badly. He don't finish his history's homework on Monday. On Tuesday, his classmate took their football from older boys and fight them. On Wednesday, he had an accident in the chemistry laboratory. On Thursday, his teacher got angry to Jack because he didn't do his homework yet. On Friday,  his headmaster got angry with graffiti. That day was Westbourne Fair and he was excited, but his mother told him not to go.     


Zadie's Big Day

I can show Simon some tricks, too. 

Hey, Zadie, you're not wearing your helmet. 
Don't worry about me. Just watch. (p.24)       

  Zadie is at football club. She is a main person of her team, and her team decided to go to final game of tournament. One day,  she went to the park and saw a new person, Simon. He is good at skate, so she also show her skills of skating. One day, he said her prove which is better at skating. He set that day on the football's final game's  morning. On that day, he and she go to the park and start fighting. But on the competition…?           


The Cave

"Let's go and look," says John. Is that a cave?" he asks.(p.4)  

 John and his friends are on their boats. Then, one of his friends find a cave. They think it interesting, so they go into the cave. It is very dark, but soon they can see. There are many interesting things, and they spend much times in the cave. For a while, one of them notice that the water comes in and they can't get out from the cave. So…?


Jane Eyre

My name is Jane Eyre and my story begins when I was ten.(p.7)  

 Jane Eyre was lived with her aunt, because her parents were both dead. Her aunt was very rich and her house was large and beautiful. But she was not happy there because there are three cousins and
they are not kind to her. One day, she became ill with feelings of unhappy here. So, doctor and her aunt decided her to send her away to school. She was pleasured to go to school, but the school was not
good school. Students all wore same thin brown dresses in the winter. So, some students get sick and die. She graduated there in 18 and found
jobs as a teacher.         

The Happy Prince and The Nightingale and the Rose

“If you want a red rose,” says the Rose Tree, “you can make it out of music by moonlight, and paint it red with the blood from your own he...